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VentureGlide® - Go Farther!

The first standup paddle breakthrough in paddling options. VentureGlide® gives you the option of two major paddle positions. The OC (outrigger canoe) paddle position or the traditional standup position.

Long Distance Paddles

Having the ability to change between two paddle positions in seconds while paddling is unique. Two different muscle groups are utilized. While on a long paddle or race, an alternate group of paddle muscles can be resting while the other is at work.

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Enjoy the comfort of cruising silently, while fishing in a seated position where you can patiently wait for your next strike or just explore on a long paddle.

A Portable SUP Seat with a non-slip grip design! No need to attach. Order Today!

This paddle position is not new…

…in fact, it is hundreds of years old. It came from the outrigger canoe paddling ancestors and was found to be the most efficient paddle position with the least negative impact on the body. This paddling position allowed them to travel hundreds of miles throughout the South Pacific.

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